Friday, January 31, 2014

Poptropica: Forgotten Islands is now only 99 cents!

A great deal just got even better. Poptropica: Forgotten Islands is now only 99 cents!

That's hours of gameplay, loads of new Islands to explore, and hundreds of unique costumes to wear -- all for less than a buck! You just can't beat that value.

Get Poptropica: Forgotten Islands in the App Store for your iPhone or iPad today!

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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Bundle up

It's beginning to feel like the winter is never going to end. So cold! Fortunately, nothing warms me up better than a toasty sweatshirt with my gorgeous face printed on it.

You, too, can get some cold-weather gear with your face on it (or warm-weather gear, if you're in the southern hemisphere!). Just visit the Poptropica Shop and enter your username to look at a variety of shirts customized with your Poptropican avatar and display name.

With personalized Poptropica apparel, nobody will look as good as you do -- just like in the game!

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

New Poptopics books are coming soon!

We're just a few weeks away from the release of two more books in our Poptopics series. These books explore the real-world facts that inspired some of your favorite Poptropica Islands. The truth can sometimes be stranger than fiction!

Scary Monsters gives you the low down on the myths and legends behind the creatures you've encountered in your adventures on Cryptids Island, Vampire's Curse Island, Zomberry Island, and more. All of these monsters have a basis in fact -- and we'll reveal them to you!

Wild West is all about the amazing true history of the American frontier. Find out what parts of Wild West Island are made up, and which are based on fact. You might be surprised to learn which is which!

Both of these books will be released on February 20, and are available for pre-order now from Amazon.

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Monday, January 27, 2014

Land, ho!

It's been just over a week since we opened up an experimental new feature for our Members to try out. Since then, thousands of people have created their own spaces on Poptropica and sent us screenshots of their work. There's some great stuff here! We wanted to spotlight just a few.

Big Raptor built this cool launch pad, spaceship, and command center. We are ready for lift-off.

Fast Comet built a huge structure above ground, but it was the underground dungeon that caught our attention. Watch that water table!

Mad Tiger brings us this stately abode, only two gables short of being worthy of literature.

Here, Serious Bird tries to set the record for most stuff piled up in one place.

We're loving all of it! Can't wait to see more. If you'd like to try out the Land Prototype, become a Member today!

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Monster Carnival -- more details emerge

We've just put up our Monster Carnival info page! Click through to find out some more details about this long-awaited adventure. You can also pick up some free Island extras: a Monster Carnival desktop wallpaper and printable poster.

As always, we'll have any new information about Monster Carnival right here in the Poptropica creators' blog.

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Monday, January 20, 2014

The finalists are here!

Your part of the Create Your Dream Island contest may be over, but ours is just beginning! From thousands of entries, we've narrowed it down to 50 finalists. One of these 50 will be selected as the one grand prize winner whose Island will become reality.

We've looked at a few already, and we've got to tell you, this is going to be one tough decision! There are too many great ideas. The creativity and talent of Poptropicans is just incredible.

Hopefully we'll be able to make up our minds soon!

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Friday, January 17, 2014

Announcing the next Poptropica Island!

See? Dreams do come true.

Then again, nightmares do, too...

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Step into our lab...

We've got a cool new feature to announce. We were playing around with a prototype for user-created Islands and found ourselves wondering what direction to go in.

Then we thought: who would know better than Poptropica players? That's why we've just made available our first-ever Poptropica Labs project, exclusively to Poptropica Members!

This is a prototype that will let you play around with some basic tools to create your own scene in Poptropica. You can explore randomly generated scenery, place objects, and morph the landscape. Who knows? Maybe you'll find things to do that we never even thought of.

To access it, log into your Poptropica account and click on the Poptropica Labs slide on the welcome back page.

Play around. Place scenery. Look for gold. Explore different islands. See what you can come up with. When you're done, you can save a screenshot of your scene -- and since we want to see what you're doing, too, it'll also send the screenshot to us!

When you leave the Poptropica Labs demo, you'll also have a chance to take a survey. We would very much appreciate your time in filling out the survey and helping us figure out the future of this project.

We're excited to see what you come up with!

Update: You can now access the prototype by getting the Poptropica Labs card from the Poptropica Store!

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Mocktropica is now available to everyone!

The wait is over! Mocktropica is now online for everyone to enjoy.

Visit Poptropica now to play Mocktropica!

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Don't forget -- Mocktropica for all tomorrow!

Hmm, the post title sort of says it all, doesn't it?

Well, it's such good news that it's worth repeating: Mocktropica will become available to everyone tomorrow! We'll announce when it's open right here, so keep an eye out.

And Members, remember to get your Unfinished costume before it's gone!

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Monday, January 13, 2014

The ballad of Bucket Bot

He'll never get his face on a t-shirt, or his name on a list of high scores. He's not the strongest or the fastest bot. You know, they can measure strength and speed, but they can't measure heart. And no one has more heart than our good friend Bucket Bot.

Here's to you, Bucket Bot.

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Friday, January 10, 2014

Get your Unfinished costume before it's gone!

Next Thursday is a big day. It's when Mocktropica will become available to all! But it's also the day that the limited-time Unfinished costume will be coming out of the store -- maybe forever.

So if you're a Poptropica Member and haven't claimed your Unfinished costume yet, don't delay! Visit Poptropica now to get it.

If you aren't a Member, sure, you could wait one more week and still play Mocktropica. But you'll never get your hands on this or any of the other sweet Members-only items that we release with each Island. So find out more about Membership and never miss another costume!

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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Mocktropica bonus quest is now available!

Are you already finished with Mocktropica? Not so fast: there's more to play! The Mocktropica bonus quest is now online.

You'll pursue a crazed ex-Poptropica developer to the unfriendly confines of Mega Fighting Bots, where you'll face off against a series of dangerous robot foes. But this time, you've got enough Mega Coins to compete in the ring. Can you bring the programmer back to his senses -- and back to Poptropica?

The Mocktropica bonus quest begins immediately at the conclusion of the main quest. If you've already finished the main quest, just go to the basement of Poptropica HQ to get started on the bonus! Complete the bonus quest and you'll earn a special prize.

The bonus quest, along with Early Access to Mocktropica, is available to Poptropica Members. If you're not a Member, get Membership today!

If you are a Member, visit Poptropica now to play Mocktropica! 

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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

It's no legend

In fact, it's a-maze-ing!

Another classic Poptropica Island will be re-launching soon with a bigger screen and a full soundtrack -- and it's the best one yet. We'll let you know the instant it's available!

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Friends across time and space

If you keep an eye out, you might see someone new hanging around the Poptropica common rooms that you can add as a friend. It's Cosmoe, the hero of Galactic Hot Dogs!

Just click on him and then press the "friend" button to keep track of what he's up to, along with all your other Poptropica Friends!

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Monday, January 6, 2014

Get your Mega Fighting Bots extras!

By now, most of you have figured out that Mega Fighting Bots was a little ruse we cooked up as part of Mocktropica. (And when I say "by now," I really mean that most of you figured it out almost immediately).

But we love those rambunctious robots so much that we put together some Mega Fighting Bots extras for you! You can get a free desktop wallpaper and printable poster, both MFB-themed. No joke here -- they're available on the Mocktropica info page.

That's not all the robotic fighting action coming your way. Soon the Mocktropica bonus quest will be released, and it features even more Mega Fighting Bots! Keep an eye out here. We'll let you know the minute it becomes available.

Once again, happy new year! Let's get to it.

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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

Captain Crawfish checking in to wish everyone a happy new year!

We had a pretty wild 2013 around here. Over the past year, we've made a lot of improvements to Poptropica. We've now got a bigger screen, music and sound effects, and a lot of other things to make your Poptropica experience even better.

But we're not stopping there. In 2014 we'll be introducing even more great Poptropica content. More Islands. More of the features you've been waiting for. More ways to play Poptropica, at home and on the go. We're excited to bring it all to you.

Happy New Year to all. We're ready for a great 2014!

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