Friday, September 30, 2016

Brand new fall fashion outfits and accessories in the store!

Just in time for October, we've got some great new outfits for you in the Poptropica store!

Check out the ombre hair, cool headphones, trendy clothes, and awesome accessories!

These costumes are free for members and 275 credits each for non-members.

Don't have membership or enough credits? Be sure to spin the wheel on the Home Island every day to get your free credits. You'll be awarded anywhere from 25 to 175 credits each time!

But the best way to earn credits is to complete Islands. That's how you can earn anywhere from 100 to 500 credits (even for replaying Islands)! Get the details here.

Of course, membership has its benefits. Everything in the store is included with membership. And sometimes our especially cool items are for members only... hmmmm, I wonder if that may happen in October... 😉

Go to Poptropica now to play and get your new fall outfits!

PS: All these awesome looks are coming to the Poptropica app very soon -- stay tuned...

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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The final #PoptropicaArt finalists!

Okay, this is it! Our final, FINAL group of finalists in the #PoptropicaArt contest! Soon we'll be announcing the winners, and man oh MAN, do the Poptropica Creators have a tough job ahead of them. How are we going to pick the #PoptropicaArt Champions?!

Well, the good thing is this: There have been so many amazing pieces of #PoptropicaArt that we're going to pick more than three winners! But still, it's going to be tough to decide...

If you want to see all the finalists yourself you can go here -- and if you're on social media, let us know which ones are your favorites!

Thank you THANK YOU everyone for all the amazing #PoptropicaArt that you entered in the contest. The Creators were so thrilled to see the enthusiasm from the Poptropica community. This contest was such a success, we'll definitely do another one -- next time with categories and different types of awards!

Congrats to these Twitter entries, and best of luck! We'll announce the contest winners very soon!

by Brave Tomato

by Colette L.

by Crafty Poptropican

by dictator crossing

by DSFLi Jean

by Massive Bird

by Shaky Skunk

by Slanted Fish

by Written Ghost
by Brave Tomato
Congratulations to all the #PoptropicaArt finalists!

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Monday, September 26, 2016

The last Facebook #PoptropicaArt finalists!

Hey there, Poptropicans! Remember how I said in my last #PoptropicaArt blog post that we would have one more round of finalists?

I changed my mind!

There is just TOO MUCH awesome #PoptropicaArt out there, so today we're featuring five special ones from Facebook. Tomorrow we'll feature ten more from Twitter. And THEN the Poptropica Creators will pick the winners! So here we go... congrats to these Poptropica artists -- they made the finals!
by Creepy Goose

by thiswarriorisagirl

by Theo

by Ilkyoung K.

by Maryann P.
Great work, Poptropicans! Amazing stuff!

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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Free gifts for YOU to celebrate Poptropica's birthday!

If it's September, it must be Poptropica's birthday! This year we're celebrating at by giving you some free, fun items in the store:

The hat is pretty cool -- you'll have to go get it to discover why!

We're not just having fun online, though. Last week we celebrated our birthday at Poptropica headquarters with the original Poptropica Creator himself, Jeff Kinney!

Happy birthday to us!

We know how to throw a party!
Jeff Kinney shows off his cake cutting skillz. Impressive.
Yes, being on the Poptropica team is as awesome as it looks.  :-)

We hope you'll grab your 9th birthday balloon and don your 9th birthday hat to celebrate with us on Poptropica. Go get these limited-time gifts while you can -- come October, we'll be debuting lots of Halloween fun and the free birthday gifts will disappear...

PS: If I see you with your birthday hat and balloon in the Home Island common room this month, I'll say hi -- and maybe even feature your Poptropican on our social media!

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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

2nd last round of #PoptropicaArt finalists - from Instagram!

Hello Poptropicans! Bad news and good news for you...

Bad news first: We've been so busy at Poptropica HQ that we're a little behind on posting the last round of finalists, and the overall winners of the #PoptropicaArt contest.

But the good news is this: We've had SO MANY AMAZING art entries that we're going to have two more rounds of finalists, not just one! Wahooo!

Today we're posting some more Instagram entries, and in the upcoming days we'll post more from Twitter and Facebook. Then the Poptropica Creators will vote next week on our winners, so stay tuned!

Now here is our last batch of finalists from Instagram -- congrats everyone!

by @beanskelly

by @beebearie

posted by @cbroxton

posted by @esyla0212

by @foshurr

posted by @julia_henry_la

by @sterlingwolfy

by @yazz._.minne

by @yun_goi

by @yuneiko_
Great work, Poptropicans!

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Monday, September 19, 2016

Finally, our Virus Hunter Island walkthrough!

It's one of our featured Islands of the Month for September, not to mention one of the hardest adventures we've ever created. Isn't it about time we helped you complete Virus Hunter Island?

At last, the official video walkthrough for Virus Hunter Island is here. If Joe Stockman's intestines are blocking you, his muscles are cramping your style, or his brain is freezing you up, then we've got you covered! Or hey, maybe you just missed Captain Crawfish's dulcet tones. (I've missed you too.)

So head to Poptropica now and play Virus Hunter Island for free! You'll earn bonus credits this month only!

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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Is Poptropica's Mitch Krpata visiting a bookstore near you?

If you're a Poptropican who lives in the New England area, you're in luck!

Mitch Krpata, writer and producer for Poptropica, is also the author of our latest Poptropica book The Lost Expedition (the follow-up to our bestselling Mystery of the Map). To celebrate the book's release, Mitch is visiting some Massachusetts bookstores!

First up: Mitch will be at Poptropica Creator Jeff Kinney's very cool bookstore, An Unlikely Story, in Plainville, Massachusetts. Come see him on Wednesday, September 14, from 4pm to 6pm. Get more info and register for free here.

Then on Saturday, September 24, Mitch will be at the fabulous Blue Bunny Books & Toys (owned by children’s book author and illustrator Peter H. Reynolds) in Dedham, Massachusetts. He'll be at the store from 2pm - 3pm. Hop on over, get a signed book, and say hi!

Mitch will likely be visiting other bookstores and we'll update you on his and illustrator Kory Merritt's appearances as they're scheduled.

We hope you New England Poptropicans can make it to one of these fun events!

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Monday, September 12, 2016

New! Get credits for replaying Poptropica Islands!

Happy dance time!
Exciting news for longtime Poptropica players: Now you get credits for replaying Islands!

Here's how it works: When you replay one of our Islands of the Month that you have already completed, you get a one-time bonus of 300 credits. When you replay any other Island you've already completed, you get a one-time bonus of 100 credits!

And did you know that we've also upped the credit rewards for completing an Island for the first time? First-time finishers of Islands of the Month get 500 credits and first-time finishers of all other Islands get 300 credits!

You're going to want to finish those Poptropica Islands and build up those credits, because we have some pretty cool stuff coming to the store over the next few months. Trust me, you're going to love spending all those hard-earned coins. Oh, and don't forget to Spin the Wheel each day to earn free credits! Wahooo!

Good luck!

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PS: In case you didn't hear, September's Islands of the Month are Mystery of the Map and Virus Hunter. Need a little help finishing these Islands? Check out our Mystery of the Map cheats and walkthrough and our Virus Hunter Island walkthrough.

Stuck on another Island and need some help finishing so you can get those big credits? Check out our Poptropica Cheats and Walkthroughs for help with some of our most recent Islands. Our friends Thinknoodles and the Poptropica Help Blog also have lots of Poptropica walkthroughs (but note that we haven't watched them all). Have fun!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

UPDATED! Everyone earns credits for completing Islands! Plus: Islands of the Month!

Big news, Poptropicans!

We've increased the amount of credits you earn when you finish a Poptropica Island for the first time. It used to be 150 credits -- now it's 300 credits!

UPDATE: Already completed lots of Islands? Don't worry, we're giving you bonus credits now for completing Islands you already completed! From now on, the first time you complete an Island you've already finished, you'll get a 100 credit bonus. Sweet, right?

Plus, every month we're going to feature two Islands of the Month. These two Islands will award 500 credits to first-time finishers! And those of you who have already completed the IOTM -- you'll get a 300 credit bonus the first time you complete it again! We'll also be doing some cool stuff for the Islands of the Month here on the blog and on Poptropica's social media, so stay tuned...

So what are this month's Islands of the Month?
September's IOTM are Mystery of the Map and Virus Hunter (check out those links to see their Island Info Pages that include cool Island extras). Need a little help finishing these Islands? Check out our Mystery of the Map cheats and walkthrough and our Virus Hunter Island walkthrough.

Stuck on another Island and need some help finishing so you can get those big credits? Check out our Poptropica Cheats and Walkthroughs for help with some of our most recent Islands.

You also might want to explore one of our amazing fan blogs, the Poptropica Help Blog. They have their own Island Guides -- one for every Island! We haven't watched all the videos or read through all the walkthroughs, but we know lots of Poptropica players turn to the PHB for help -- so you might want to check them out!

What are you waiting for? Go finish those Islands and earn those credits now on Poptropica! Build up your credits now (and don't forget to spin the wheel every day) because we're going to have cool new stuff hitting the Poptropica Store soon!

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Friday, September 2, 2016

Instagram #PoptropicaArt creations - and last chance for you to enter!

Today we're featuring some fabulous #PoptropicaArt entries from Instagram! This is our third round of finalists. We'll post one more round of finalists (collected from Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram) next week. Then the Poptropica Creators will get together and vote, and we'll announce the winners in mid-September!

If you haven't entered yet, this weekend is your last chance. The #PoptropicaArt contest closes on September 5 at midnight ET! You can find out exactly what you need to do and read the rules in this blog post.

Without further ado, here is some really creative artwork -- all from Instagram!

By @aquaticaquarius

by @acquaticaquarius

by @ccashew4

by @copicsandcupcakes

by @giuli_checkers

by @ii_tamcat_ii

by @katyainthemoonlight

by neat_comet

by @smileyfaceorg


If your art is one of those above that means you're a contest finalist! Congrats! Remember, we'll be featuring more art next week, collected from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram from ALL the weeks we've been running this contest -- so don't fret if yours wasn't picked for today's post!

Keep creating, Poptropicans!

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