Friday, March 31, 2017

New on the Home Island: the Movie Theater!

We've got something new for you on Poptropica's Home Island -- on the web and the app!

Hop on over and check out the Movie Theater. It's playing cool videos that a few of the Poptropica Creators picked out and think you'll have fun watching. Old-school and new cartoons, YouTube stars, and more... it's filled with tons of stuff!

We'll be mixing up the videos in the theater, so keep checking back to see what's playing!

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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Poptropica Worlds sneak peek: What could this be?

It's finally Spring, Poptropicans, and that means something big is coming your way...


Our all new Poptropica Worlds will be out before you know it! Yes, we get it -- many of you want details -- but we don't want to ruin the fun and tell you all about Poptropica Worlds before you experience it for yourself!

However... today we have a little sneak peek for you!

What could this be...???

What do you think, Poptropicans -- what is this a glimpse of?

We'll look for your theories on social media. Post what you think on our Facebook page -- we're @officialpoptropica there. Or tweet us at @poptropica on Twitter. Or comment on Instagram -- @poptropicacreators is our account!

We can't wait to hear what you think of this peek into Poptropica Worlds!

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Monday, March 27, 2017

Lost art from Super Power Island!

Hello there, Poptropicans! As you probably know, Super Power Island is a March Island of the Month -- but if that's news to you, read this post!

If you haven't played Super Power Island this month, GET TO IT -- first-time finishers earn 500 credits and repeat finishers earn 300 credits. So even if you completed this Island ages ago, do it again and bank those credits!

Now let's get to some extra-cool stuff from this Island of the Month:

This month's Island lost art is pretty special. Lance, the Poptropica artist who worked on Super Power Island, dug through his personal files for us and found some amazing sketches in one of his notebooks. Check them out...

Island scenery and mini-games

Island characters

How SUPER awesome of Lance to share these sketches from his notebook. They're a pretty POWERFUL reminder of how much work goes into creating an Island. All the artists are extra busy these days, working on Poptropica Worlds, so it's practically HEROIC of Lance to spend time finding these lost sketches for us!

Okay, time for me to stop the silly puns and let you zoom over to Poptropica to play Super Power Island! 😀

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Thursday, March 23, 2017

New in the Poptropica Store: Classic Costumes and Powers!

Hello Poptropicans! We've switched up the selection of costumes and special powers in the Poptropica Store -- check it out...

Screaming for ice cream? Well, keep it down because our
ice cream costume is back.
Back by popular demand: Pop Star and Prom Queen for girls. And since many of you will be graduating from different grades soon, we added our free graduate costume to the store. You'll also find our southern belle, ice cream cone, and wrestling costumes back in the store, too!

Disgust Poptropicans with a fart gun or shrink them so I am their overlord?
Decisions, decisions.
Looking for some cool special powers? Turn everyone green with a disgustingly awesome fart gun, give yourself a twin, or shrink everyone in sight with a Shrink Ray gun! We also thew in our members-only Hypno Powder -- that's a fun power, too!

So when I'm asked to play Hoops, which of me gets to play?
We hope you've been spinning that wheel on the Home Island and completing Islands to build up your credits so you can go on a little shopping spree. Remember, you can earn 300-500 credits for completing the March Islands of the Month, so hop on over to Poptropica and play now!

PS: Don't forget to grab your free springtime powers before they're gone!

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Monday, March 20, 2017

They're back! Free Spring powers in the Store!

Happy first day of spring, Poptropicans (and happy autumn to those of you on the other side of the world)! Here in Massachusetts it doesn't exactly feel like spring, with icy snow covering the ground in most places. But some flowers are fighting their way through!

Come to think of it, Poptropica looks a lot like Massachusetts right now...

It's still snowing but the flowers are growing! How? With our Flower Power card! It's free in the Poptropica Store for a limited time. Use this power to plant springtime flowers wherever you go in Poptropica.

And what's spring without a little sneezing from all those pretty flowers? Use our free (normally members-only) Sneezing Powder card to tickle your fellow Poptropican's noses!

Hurry over to to get your limited-time free springtime powers!

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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Free St. Patrick's Day follower and costume!

Everyone's Irish on St. Patrick's Day! And that means Poptropica is bringing back our fun St. Patrick's Day items for you. Here's how to grab them:

🍀  Go to the Poptropica Store and get our leprechaun costume, free for a limited time. It's high-fashion you need for St. Pat's Day, plus it's equipped with a fun power: It lets you do a little Irish jig!

🍀  Been building up your credits? Get your Lucky Shamrock Pop Gum in the Poptropica Store. It's a 450 credit card that lets you blow green bubbles that pop into shamrocks. So fun!

🍀  Grab your wee leprechaun follower on Mythology Island. Just pop onto Main Street and your free follower will be added to your inventory! Will he bring you some luck as you battle other Poptropicans in common room games?

🍀  Dye your hair green over on 24 Carrot Island! Just head into the diner, find the drink machine, combine blue and yellow (and maybe a tinge of black) to make a green drink. Drink up to get magically green-hued hair!

The free costume and leprechaun follower are only available for a short time, so head on over to Poptropica to get yours!

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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Ned Noodlehead as James Bond?

It's true. Your favorite spotlight stealer from Super Power Island has been transformed into a dashing super spy. Well, as dashing as Ned could be, anyway.

This hysterical #PoptropicaArt is brought to you by @SimplyArtByAlly on Twitter.

PS: Remember Super Power Island is a March Island of the Month, so go play it on Poptropica to earn big credits!

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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Snowpocalypse has hit Poptropica!

Holy snowstorm, Batman! You may have heard that a blizzard is hitting the Northeast USA right now, and that means many of the Poptropica Creators are snowed in. What a perfect day for playing our Snowpocalypse game, right?

My high score today is 47. I know I can do better than that -- can you?

Play Snowpocalypse by going to the Home Island on Go left to the billboard and click on that third dot at the bottom of the billboard to see the Snowpocalypse image (or just wait until the Snowpocalypse image comes up). Click on it and you're off!

Watch this video to see exactly how to get to that billboard:

Are you on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook? If so, take a screenshot of your high score, share it, and we'll share your pic! Be sure to tag us so we see it!

Instagram: @poptropicacreators
Twitter: @Poptropica
Facebook: @Poptropica Creators

If you're having a snow day today, have fun and stay warm!

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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Problems with Google Chrome and Poptropica? We can help!

Poptropica customer service has received a few messages that Poptropica isn't working on Chrome for some players. Well, never fear, Poptropicans -- we've got the solution!

Read our quick, step-by-step guide on how to fix Poptropica and Chrome problems when Flash refuses to run for you. Easy peasy.

And of course, if you're still having issues after following those steps, you can contact Poptropica customer service here.

Once you've got everything squared away, be sure to head over to the Home Island to play our new Snowpocalypse game -- it's getting rave reviews from players!

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Play the new Snowpocalypse game on Poptropica!

Spring may be on the way here at Poptropica headquarters but it sure doesn't feel like it! We're still bundled up in our cozy sweaters and in a winter state of mind with the temperatures in the 30s (around 0 Celsius). Brrrr!

But hey, that's okay, because on Poptropica we're continuing the winter fun with a brand-new game: Snowpocalypse!

To play, just go to the Home Island on Go left to the billboard and click on that third dot at the bottom of the billboard to see the Snowpocalypse image (or just wait until the Snowpocalypse image comes up). Click on it and you're off!

Watch this video and see exactly how to play:

Take a screenshot of your high score, share it with on social media, and we'll share your pic! Be sure to tag us so we see it!

Facebook: @Poptropica Creators
Twitter: @Poptropica
Instagram: @poptropicacreators

We can't wait to hear what you think about Snowpocalypse and see your scores!

Now go throw some snowballs!

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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Behind the scenes of Poptropica Worlds: the new avatar!

Hello Poptropicans! Get excited because we've got a little behind-the-scenes snapshot of Poptropica Worlds for you today!

Something that has fascinated the Poptropica Creators is the reaction to a new feature of the Poptropica Worlds avatar: HANDS. Fans -- especially on YouTube -- are just so excited that their Poptropicans will have hands! (Click on the images to enlarge them.)

Given the huge interest in the Poptropica avatar design, we thought we'd give you a close-up look at how the Poptropica avatar is changing in Poptropica Worlds. Check it out:

What differences do you see?

Some key changes: The Poptropica avatar has had a growth spurt and your Poptropican will now have joints, feet, and yes -- hands. Since Poptropica Worlds is built using Unity and Spine, the avatar is more customizable than ever by both Creators and players!

The hand has four thick fingers that can be drawn in limitless poses. Each hand switches poses based on the animation the avatar is performing. Cool, huh?

We'll have more peeks into the creation of Poptropica Worlds in the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned!

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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

An old-school, Super Powered comic for you!

Hey there, Poptropicans! As you probably heard, Super Power Island is one of our Islands of the Month.

This means first-time finishers earn a whopping 500 credits for conquering Super Power Island. And if you've finished it already, never fear: You get 300 credits for completing it one more time in March! You can read more about the Islands of the Month and watch videos about them in last week's blog post.

Way back when we were getting ready to debut Super Power Island, we released a comic called "Super Hot Dog Boy." You old-timer Poptropicans may remember it, but we're betting a whole lot of you have never seen it -- so we're bringing it back!

Check out the antics of Ned Noodlehead, everyone's favorite hot dog-eating, spotlight-hogging, goofy supernerd. Then go play Super Power Island on and earn those big credits!

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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The big reveal: March's Islands of the Month

Hooray, it's March! Here at Poptropica headquarters (in Boston, Massachusetts) that means Spring is on its way. It also means it's time to reveal this month's Islands of the Month: Super Power Island and Galactic Hot Dogs Island!

First-time finishers of our IOTM earn 500 credits and repeat finishers earn 300 credits the first time they complete them again -- so head on over to Poptropica to play!

Not too familiar with our Islands of the Month? Here's what you need to know:

💥 Super Power Island is one of Poptropica's most loved Islands! Here's the deal: A giant meteor has crashed into Poptropica's prison, freeing hardened criminals and giving them super powers. Now they are wreaking havoc on the Island! Only a true superhero can stop them and save the day.

Captain Crawfish has a brand-new walkthrough to help you catch those dastardly wrongdoers and fly off into the sunset as the victorious hero of Poptropica. Check it out!

🌭 Galactic Hot Dogs Island is one of our Islands that also has books that extend the Island's fun. Play GHD Island and go on an intergalactic adventure where you'll rescue your new friends, Cosmoe, Princess Dagger, and Humphree, and escape the evil Queen Dagger! Check out the Island trailer and the Captain's walkthrough:

If you dig GHD Island, be sure to check out the Galactic Hot Dogs books -- and get ready for Galactic Hot Dogs: Revenge of the Space Pirates, coming to bookstores this October!

As always, we'll do our best to find some lost art and other cool stuff from when we created these Islands -- keep an eye on the blog for some awesomeness!

In the meantime, hop on over to to play Super Power Island and Galactic Hot Dogs Island. Complete them in March and earn those big credits!

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