Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Vote for a May Island of the Month!

Twisted Thicket Island or Nabooti Island? Hmmmm?
(Images courtesy of the Poptropica Help Blog)
Hello Poptropicans! We've got a question for you: Which do you want to see as a May Island of the Month... Twisted Thicket Island or Nabooti Island?

One of them will reward first-time finishers with 500 credits -- and those of you who completed the IOTM before will still get 300 credits -- but which one will it be?

It's up to you, Poptropicans, so cast your vote below!

The Poptropica Islands of the Month are special because:
🌷  You get twice as many credits the first time you complete them 
🌻  If an IOTM doesn't have an Official Poptropica walkthrough, Captain Crawfish makes one 
🌹  We dig up cool lost art and other special stuff to feature on the blog 
🌺  Classic members-only IOTM costumes and powers are featured once more in the Poptropica Store
We have one IOTM picked out for May, but the second one is up to you!

Vote in the poll above. Whichever Island has the most votes by midnight ET on Thursday, April 27, wins! Spread the word!

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Friday, April 21, 2017

From sketches to reality: How Wimpy Boardwalk came to life!

Hello Poptropicans! As you know, we're celebrating Wimpy Kid Month -- and that means our Wimpy Kid islands are the Poptropica Islands of the Month and open to everyone, not just members!

What else does it mean? BIG CREDITS. First-time finishers of our Wimpy Kid islands earn 500 credits for each island. Already completed them? No worries. Complete them again in April and you'll get 300 credits for each island!

And now, we present some exclusive, never-seen, previously super-secret Wimpy Boardwalk art! Take it away, Rodrick!

As usual, yours truly did some digging around the ol' Poptropica files to find behind-the-scenes art from the Wimpy Kid islands' development. And yes, we've got some pretty cool stuff from Wimpy Boardwalk! Check it out...

Wimpy Boardwalk's arcade and beach

Early sketch of the boardwalk, arcade, and beach
The arcade gets some color
Pretty final looking!

Wimpy Boardwalk's games

Laying out the boardwalk games

It's coming together...

Looking good!

Wimpy Boardwalk's rides

Sketching it all out...
Designing the Fun House

And done!

It's pretty amazing to see the work that goes on behind the scenes, isn't it? We hope you enjoyed this peek into the making of Wimpy Boardwalk!

PS: Back in December we posted some awesome animations from the development of Wimpy Wonderland. You can see them here! 

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Friday, April 14, 2017

New stuff in the Poptropica Movie Theater!

Hey Poptropicans! We just updated the videos in the Home Island's Movie Theater, so be sure to stop by and check them out. Look for new stuff like...

😎  Schaeffer McLean -- See this 12-year-old skateboarder go on awesome adventures

😁  Batman Unlimited -- Watch as Batman swings into action to save Gotham City

🤓  eScape -- Check out this science fiction, video game-based adventure

😂  Fidgetmore --  Giggle with this animated series starring Fidgetmore School's teenagers

The Poptropica Movie Theater (on web and mobile) has tons of funny and interesting videos, so visit Poptropica to see what's new!

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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

TODAY ONLY! Enter to win a Poptropica-Wimpy Kid prize pack!

As you know, Poptropicans, it's Wimpy Kid Month. And we're pretty excited about it, since The King of All Things Wimpy Kid, Jeff Kinney, is the creator of Poptropica!

That's why we made the Wimpy Kid islands our April Islands of the Month -- they're open to everyone, not just Poptropica members, for a short time.

Here's something else exciting: TODAY ONLY, April 12, we've teamed up with Abrams (the publisher of Wimpy Kid) to give away a Poptropica-Wimpy Kid prize pack! Enter on WimpyKid.com for your chance to win:

  • A 6-month membership to Poptropica
  • Copies of Cabin Fever and Dog Days, the books that inspired the Wimpy Kid Poptropica games
  • The first three books of the NYT bestselling Poptropica graphic novel series: Mystery of the Map, The Lost Expedition, and The Secret Society
  • A Dr. Hare plush toy

Go to WimpyKid.com's giveaway page and click on the big 12 to enter to win.

If you're under age 18, be sure to have a parent/guardian enter the giveaway for you.

Good luck!

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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Captain Crawfish interviews Mitch Krpata, the author of Poptropica: The Secret Society!

Captain Crawfish interviews Mitch Krpata about Poptropica the Secret Society.
Ahoy, Poptropicans! Captain Crawfish here. The newest book in our graphic novel series, Poptropica: The Secret Society, is out today. Don't forget to enter for your chance to win all three books!

I caught up by phone with the book's author, Mitch Krpata, to get the inside scoop on the book series, Poptropica Worlds, and more. A lightly edited transcript follows. Enjoy!
Captain Crawfish: Hey there, Mitch! It's Captain Crawfish. Thanks for taking the time to speak with me.
Mitch Krpata: Huh? Who? Why are you calling so early?
CC: It's one o'clock in the afternoon. Your publicist made the appointment. 
MK: Fine, fine. Let's make it quick. I need my beauty sleep.
CC: At the end of the previous book, the kids had been captured by some mysterious figures in uniform. Are these members of the "secret society" of the book's title?
MK: How about a spoiler alert, Gary Gives-away? [deep sigh] Since the cat's out of the bag... yes, they are.
The Secret Society picks up immediately where The Lost Expedition ended. The kids are being transported to the headquarters of an organization whose purpose is not yet known to them. But they do know that they've run into its members all over Poptropica -- the people with the strange tattoo who keep popping up on every island.
CC: Obviously we don't want to spoil the story for readers, but what will be different about this book? How have the kids changed?
MK: The Secret Society explains more about the history and purpose of Poptropica. It also starts to pit the kids against each other a little bit. As they learn more about the mysterious organization, they find themselves disagreeing about the group's motives and actions. There's still a ton of action and peril, but now there's tension between the kids about the right way and the wrong way to do things. The Lost Expedition was more of a pure survival story. 
CC: Speaking of which, what about Captain Franklin and the crew of the HMS Terror? What happened to them?
MK: [diabolical laughter, devolving into a coughing fit]
CC: We also know that Octavian had gotten away with the magical map at the end of book 2. Is it safe to assume we haven't seen the last of him?
MK: Octavian plays a bigger part in this book. Let's just say that there's more to him than meets the eye.
CC: Switching gears a bit. Poptropica players are on the edge of their seats waiting to play Poptropica Worlds. You've been hard at work on it. What can you tell us about it?
MK: At work... at work... uh oh, I was supposed to be at work four hours ago! I don't think anybody noticed I'm late. You can keep a secret, right? 
CC: Me? Totally.
MK: You'll edit out that part of the interview?
CC: Absolutely.
MK: Thanks dude, you're a lifesaver. Anyway, yeah, we're excited about Poptropica Worlds. It was a real opportunity to take what players love about Poptropica and make it even better.
We've still got big island quests with lots of characters, challenges, and plot twists. That hasn't changed. But now we've got new features that make the quests more accessible to new players and that help returning players get back up to speed. The islands aren't necessarily easier, but we're giving players more tools to finish them.
Plus, we're building tons of new stuff from the ground up, including a lot of things that Poptropicans have been requesting for years -- like your own customizable house. It's a brand-new game that is still unmistakably Poptropica.
CC: When can we expect to play Poptropica Worlds?
MK: What's that? Couldn't hear you. Bad connection.
CC: Let's just move on to the lightning round. I'll ask you a question, and you answer as quickly as you can without thinking.
MK: Now you're speaking my language.
CC: Here goes. What's your all-time favorite TV show?
MK: The Simpsons.
CC: Movie?
MK: Batman (1989).
CC: Video game?
MK: Resident Evil 4.
CC: Band?
MK: The Cure.
CC: Writer?
MK: David Foster Wallace.
CC: Okay! Again, Mitch, thanks for your time. I know Poptropicans will really appreciate it.
MK: [snoring]
Well, that's it for the interview! Once again, Poptropica 3: The Secret Society is available in bookstores today. We hope you'll check it out!

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Giveaway: Win Poptropica books & membership!

Today's the day, Poptropicans! Poptropica: The Secret Society is now available in stores and online!

To celebrate, we're giving away all three Poptropica books, plus a three-month Poptropica membership to one lucky random winner. To enter, just go to our Facebook page -- we're @OfficialPoptropica over there -- and click on the "Giveaway" tab on the left. That's where you (or your parent/legal guardian) can enter!

Giveaway ends Monday, April 17, at midnight ET.

Good luck!

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Friday, April 7, 2017

Poptropica Book 3: The Secret Society is out next week!

We know that you've been wondering what happens to Mya, Oliver, and Jorge after the conclusion of Poptropica: The Lost Expedition. As of Tuesday, April 11, you don't have to wait any longer!
In Poptropica: The Secret Society, we find Mya, Oliver, and Jorge in the custody of a secret society whose mission is to protect and preserve Poptropica—a mysterious, uncharted island world. These Protectors, as they call themselves, believe that any outside interference with the islands of Poptropica could have catastrophic results on the course of history in the real world. 
As if things aren’t bad enough, Octavian has finally claimed possession of the confounding map, thwarted the society’s attempts to capture him, and is determined to alter the time line. The trio must join forces with the Protectors and find Octavian before he can go through with his evil plot, or all of human history might be changed—or worse—destroyed!
Poptropica: The Secret Society is available now for pre-order online, and will be available in bookstores and online on 4/11!

Need to catch up on the series? Check out books 1 and 2. And remember, you can get your Mya, Oliver, and Jorge fix before book 3 debuts by playing Mystery of the Map Island on Poptropica!

More to come next week—stay tuned!

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Monday, April 3, 2017

Our very Wimpy Islands of the Month for April!

Greetings, Poptropicans! Did you know that April is officially Wimpy Kid Month?

Did you also know that Wimpy Kid author, Jeff Kinney, created Poptropica?

And did you further know that both Poptropica and Wimpy Kid are celebrating their 10 year anniversaries this year?!

This calls for a very Wimpy celebration!

On Poptropica, our Wimpy Kid islands are usually open to members only -- but in April, Wimpy Wonderland and Wimpy Boardwalk are open to everyone! 

That's right, the Wimpy Kid Poptropica islands are April's Islands of the Month. That means this month, first-time finishers of our Wimpy Kid islands earn 500 credits for each island! Already completed these islands? No worries. Complete them again in April and you'll get 300 credits for each island!

Check out the trailers for Wimpy Wonderland and Wimpy Boardwalk...

🌟🌟 New to Poptropica, or need a little help getting through these islands? Watch Captain Crawfish's official Poptropica walkthroughs! 🌟🌟

Now go play Wimpy Boardwalk and Wimpy Wonderland and earn those big credits!

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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Creating space monsters for Galactic Hot Dogs Island!

You only have a few more days to play March's Islands of the Month: Galactic Hot Dogs Island and Super Power Island! Go earn those big credits before Monday, when we'll roll out the new IOTM!

As always, we have cool, behind-the-scenes goodies for you from our Islands of the Month. You saw the Super Power Island sketches -- now check out what we found for GHD...

When you play Galactic Hot Dogs Island there's a scene that involves some excellently creepy zombie space pirates and monsters. As for all Poptropica Islands, the artists working on the Island had a style guide they stuck to when creating the creatures:

 And after deciding on the designs, they tested out their animations!

Here's a drawing of the zombie space pirate:

And here's how his animation turned out:

How delightfully disgusting!

Don't wait, Poptropicans. Go complete Galactic Hot Dogs Island on Poptropica now to earn 300-500 credits -- before it's too late!

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