Saturday, April 7, 2018

Outfit of the Week: The Mermaid!

Today's Outfit Of The Week goes to the very elegant Mermaid! Here's how you can dress up as this water-loving gal:

  1. Get the Mythology Surfer outfit, and customize the blue Poseidon top, necklace, and belt.
  2. Next, get the Gamer Girl outfit. Customize the hair.
  3. Use the blue Geisha skirt.
  4. Use the Fairy Queen's lips and bangs.
  5. If you want, get the Basic Followers Pack (Store) and get the bubble follower.

Got a great idea for your own Outfit of the Week? Let us know, and comment below!!!

Hey Poptropicans! Some of you pointed out that our directions for our Outfit of the Week didn't match the image – sorry about that! We've updated them to be more accurate. Stay tuned for more new content on the blog!


Beckham Tripp said...

I'm just wondering, when is poptropica worlds getting a new island?

Unknown said...

Why do you guys only post girl costumes? Boys read this blog, too, y’know! I would like it if you did one ☝️ boy outfit and one ☝️ girl outfit each week.

Ajay Nandur said...

This is like a new series on the Poptropica Creators blog now.

Silly Snowball AKA Sunshine said...

I have a fun dragon princess outfit! It uses the yellow and green dragon wings from the dragon outfit, the gamer girl hair, the green or pink lips and bangs from the fairy princess, the heart astro knight sword, and the dress and belt from the astro knight island princess.
I also like using one of the dragon followers to complete the look.

Ackoeppel said...

My outfit is supposed to be Dobby from Harry Potter. To dress up as him:
1. Use the white sash from Mythology Island
2. Use the satyr's ears in Mythology Island
3. Use the minotaur's face and body (no sash) from Mythology Island
4. Get a smiling mouth (found on any island)
My Poptropican's name is Shifty Hero. Thank you!
-Shifty Hero (hermionefan0928)

Ackoeppel said...

How come the outfits never make it once a week? It's now like once a month! I've waited a whole two weeks for the next outfit of the week, but it never came. Please fix this! :(

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