Friday, September 27, 2019

Bug fixes and updates!

Happy Friday, Poptropicans! We've got a few housekeeping updates for you:

Thanks to everybody who reported that pesky bug at the end of Arabian Knights: Episode 3. The chase scene is working now, but if your character can't access it because you've already seen the cutscene in the lamp room, please send us an email about it so we can fix your account!

If you're used to playing on a smaller screen, you also may have noticed that the game screen shrinks to fit, now! This came with a few hiccups, and we've been keeping track of them as players let us know. If something still isn't quite right, be sure to let us know!

That's all for now-- Keep your eyes PEELED for some awesome updates in the near future!!


  1. hey thats great news but what will happen after flash?
    also can you guys plz add islands like pelican rock but longer and more msyterious baiiiiiiii

  2. awesome updates are verrry reassuring!

  3. When you going do the member gift of OCtuber?

  4. ummmm……poptropica? the tie-die hodie for sale is having a glich! when I was tots exited when I bout it,but when I put on the hoddie part on I saw when I xed out of the dresser, that my galecy legongs turned into shorts!!!!!!!!!!! and then half was gray!? please fix it!

  5. I know!!!! PLEASE,RIGHT!

  6. My screen is smaller on a large screen? It's really inconvenient since i play using a tv from further away. I'm visually impaired and don't have the money for glasses at the moment, and the smaller screen was an unpleasant surprise in my case.


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