Monday, May 18, 2020

Make Your Own Dr. Hare and Rabbot!

Need a little something to keep you busy while you practice safe social-distancing? Look no further!

Dr. Hare is mischievous, a real trouble maker, and out for world domination. If you've played 24 Carrot Island, you know just how much trouble he can really cause. 

He's also a scientist. Maybe more of a mad scientist, but if you want to learn about engineering, aeronautics, and space travel, he's your guy!

Bring Dr. Hare and his Rabbot out of Poptropica and into real life with these awesome Dr. Hare and Rabbot paper crafts. They are totally free and easy to do! 

We recommend using heavier weight paper to make these, but any plain paper will do! Just click on the image above to access the PDF file for download. 


  1. What is the next island that will be transferred from flash?

    1. Escape from pelican rock. On the map it says coming soon.

  2. Not interested. We need new islands

  3. Thanks Poptropica for making my day really fun and exciting!💕

  4. Excellent! Thank you for a nice activity that would add to an otherwise mundane day!

  5. Can you guys please post more of these art stuff?


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