Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The 20 rarest items in Poptropica, part 3

We're continuing our countdown of the 20 rarest Poptropica items.

12. Mech Pilot

For a limited time, Poptropica Members were given this Mech Pilot costume. Anyone can freely costume similar costume parts on Poptropica, but this specific costume is a rare one indeed.

11. Skullduggery Pirate

The Skullduggery Pirate was part of a special two-pack given to Members shortly before the debut of Skullduggery Island. Be on the lookout for two more Skullduggery-themed costumes, Captain Crimson and Captain Cobalt, when you get the Skullduggery Island 3" figures. Speaking of Skullduggery Island...

10. Skullduggery Medallion

Another challenging Island, Skullduggery has seen fewer completions than most of the other Poptropica adventures. It's not too hard, though -- just keep working your way clockwise from one trading post to the next, and in no time you'll have enough doubloons to buy the Phoenix Warbird!

9. Paper Kid

To celebrate the release of our Diary of a Wimpy Kid-themed Island, Wimpy Wonderland, all Poptropica Members got the "Paper Kid" costume. Unlike most costume cards, this one doubled as a special power. You can paperize anyone else you see, too!

To be continued tomorrow!

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