Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Great Pumpkin restart!

It's Halloween season, and that means it's the perfect time to replay Great Pumpkin Island. But say you've already played through Great Pumpkin Island once. You could always create a new Poptropican to play it again. Or, you could use the Island Restart feature to play it with your current Poptropican! Here's how to do it.

First, go to your travelmap and visit Great Pumpkin Island.

Next, open the Great Pumpkin Island map.

Click on the "Restart Island" button.

Confirm that you want to restart. All of your quest items will be removed from your inventory.

Abracadabra! You're back on Main Street, in the daytime, ready to start the quest all over again.

Don't worry, you don't lose your Island Medallion. Your stats page will even keep track of how many times you've completed each Island, so you can go back again and again.

Island Restart works with any Poptropica Island. Happy restarting!

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