Friday, October 5, 2012

Standup comics

A long time ago, there was this thing called a newspaper, and somebody used to drop it off at your house every day. If you wanted to read comics, you had to wait for the paper to arrive, and then you could read that day's strips. Pretty crazy, right?

Well, we've got a better way to read comics. For some time now, we've had several of the best daily comics running on Poptropica -- comics like Peanuts, Big Nate, and Over the Hedge. And when you check in on the comics on Poptropica, you can read a week's worth at a time. Much better, if you ask us.

To read comics on Poptropica, all you need to do is log in, click on the "Daily Pop" icon in the upper righthand part of the screen, and then click the "comics" link. Enjoy!

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