Monday, September 16, 2013

These islands are 2 good 2 b Forgotten

Have you checked out Poptropica: Forgotten Islands yet? For the first time, it's a Poptropica experience that you can play on your iPad or iPhone. It's not exactly like what you're used to seeing on the website. Some of the cool new features include:
  • Blimp upgrades to help navigate a hazardous new world map
  • An all-new storyline that reveals the ancient history of Poptropica
  • Randomly generated quests that are different each time you play
Best of all (at least as far as your parents are concerned), there are no in-app purchases in Poptropica: Forgotten Islands. That means that once you install the game, all the content is there for you to play. No more begging for money just to play a new level!

Get Poptropica: Forgotten Islands in the App Store!

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