Friday, May 9, 2014

Create Your Dream Island runner-up #5

We've announced the grand-prize winner of the Create Your Dream Island contest. To read about the winning entry, Arabian Nights Island, click here.

We're also featuring the 10 runners-up, in alphabetical order. Today's runner-up is:

Pharaoh's Fantasies Island, submitted by Calloway B. of Kentucky!

The pitch: In my Island, Poptropicans would enter the mind of King Tutankhaman, and defeat the gods of Egypt.

Why we liked it: Calloway's wasn't the only entry that dealt with Ancient Egypt in some way, but the twist -- going inside the mind of the Pharaoh -- was inspired. Calloway also suggested some very colorful characters and monsters for the player to battle. It was easy to see how Pharaoh's Fantasies would make a fantastic Island!

We reached out to Calloway to ask him some questions about his entry, and have not yet heard back. When we do, we'll post his answers!

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