Friday, November 13, 2015

Arabian Nights: How Bazaar Cheats and Walkthroughs

Need help completing Arabian Nights: How Bazaar? Watch our full walkthrough above!

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Or if you're looking for answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about Arabian Nights: How Bazaar, read on!

How do I start trading with the merchants at the bazaar?

Make your way through the cave to the right of the desert until you find the Salt.

Where is the salt in Arabian Nights: How Bazaar.

You'll be able to use salt crystals to begin trading with the merchants.

How to trade with merchants in Arabian Nights: How Bazaar.

How do I get past the guards into the palace?

Leave some salt on the platform in the desert.

Lure the thieves to the desert using salt.

Then use the spyglass to observe the thieves stealing it, and leaving something behind.

Watch the thieves through the spyglass.

Go pick up the Smoke Bombs they've left behind.

Pick up the smoke bombs.

Use those to blind the guards and enter the palace.

Use the smoke bombs to knock out the guards.

Where is the entrance to the 40 thieves' lair?

It's in the desert watering hole -- but it's only open to those who know the password!

The password to enter the 40 thieves lair is open sesame.

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