Friday, April 29, 2016

Feats of Speed Game #2 is out for a limited time!

The latest Feats of Speed racing game is now available to play on Poptropica!

Sam's on his treadmill on the Home Island again -- this time wearing maroon. This week's race of agility takes place on Arabian Nights Island. I've heard some Poptropicans say they think it's a little trickier than last week's race, so don't worry if it takes you a few tries to win those maroon sneakers!

And if you missed our first Feats of Speed game, no worries -- it's now on the Poptropica app, so be sure to update your devices! Sam's on the Home Island as usual. Beat the world record and get your sweet purple kicks (the first shoes EVER on the app)!

Remember that these racing games are only available for a week or so. Once they're gone, you can't get those color sneakers again.

Go play on Poptropica or on the Poptropica app now!

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