Thursday, April 21, 2016

Play our new Feats of Speed game to earn your first pair of sneakers!

I hope you're feeling speedy today, Poptropicans, because we've got something awesome for you!

Hop on over to the Home Island and look for my friend Speedy Sam, running on a treadmill. He'll challenge you to a race. Beat Sam's world record and your Poptropican will get their very first pair of sneakers - ever! Those sneakers will also give you a pretty sweet special power, but you'll have to win them to find out what it is.

Yup, we're not just giving away these kicks. You have to earn them. What, you think we're just going to hand over the first sneakers we've ever had in Poptropica? I think not! But don't worry, the race is super fun and I'm sure you'll love it!

On your mark, get set, GO race over to Poptropica and play now!

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