Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The final #PoptropicaArt finalists!

Okay, this is it! Our final, FINAL group of finalists in the #PoptropicaArt contest! Soon we'll be announcing the winners, and man oh MAN, do the Poptropica Creators have a tough job ahead of them. How are we going to pick the #PoptropicaArt Champions?!

Well, the good thing is this: There have been so many amazing pieces of #PoptropicaArt that we're going to pick more than three winners! But still, it's going to be tough to decide...

If you want to see all the finalists yourself you can go here -- and if you're on social media, let us know which ones are your favorites!

Thank you THANK YOU everyone for all the amazing #PoptropicaArt that you entered in the contest. The Creators were so thrilled to see the enthusiasm from the Poptropica community. This contest was such a success, we'll definitely do another one -- next time with categories and different types of awards!

Congrats to these Twitter entries, and best of luck! We'll announce the contest winners very soon!

by Brave Tomato

by Colette L.

by Crafty Poptropican

by dictator crossing

by DSFLi Jean

by Massive Bird

by Shaky Skunk

by Slanted Fish

by Written Ghost
by Brave Tomato
Congratulations to all the #PoptropicaArt finalists!

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