Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Behind the scenes of Poptropolis Games!

For two more days, Poptropolis Games is an Island of the Month on Poptropica.com -- so if you want to earn big credits for completing it you better get going!
  • First-time finishers get 500 credits instead of the usual 300
  • Repeat finishers get a one-time 300 credit bonus instead of the usual 150
  • There's a new Poptropolis Games walkthrough to help you if you get stuck
  • Members get a fun bonus quest and...
  • The Island's exclusive members-only items are back in the Poptropica Store for a limited time!

As usual I went digging in our IOTM files and I found some pretty sweet sketches from when the Creators were developing Poptropolis Games. Check them out... anything seem familiar?

And here's something cool: When the Creators work on an Island together, there has to be a style guide that everyone follows. That way even though the Island is designed by different people, in the end everyone's styles match up. Here's Poptropolis Game's style guide:

You eagle-eyed Poptropicans might notice that "Jeff" has a suggestion that's noted in the document. Yep -- that's Jeff Kinney, the original Creator of Poptropica! Jeff is still Poptropica's chief creative officer and has input into every Island.

You only have the rest of today and tomorrow to enjoy Poptropolis Games as an Island of the Month, so go to Poptropica now and play!

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