Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Check out November's Islands of the Month!

Each month we feature two Poptropica Islands as Islands of the Month. November's IOTM are Shrink Ray Island and Poptropolis Games!

If you haven't finished these Islands, now's the time. First-time finishers earn 500 credits! And if you've already completed these Islands, no worries. You still earn 300 credits the first time you complete one of these Islands again. Wahoo!

My buddy Captain Crawfish made a walkthrough video for each Island to help you along if you get stuck. Check them out:

Even if you've played these Islands, you'll want to watch Captain Crawfish's videos. Trust me. That guy is a hoot.

Go earn those credits now -- play the IOTM on Poptropica! Be sure to build up your credits (and don't forget to spin the wheel on the Home Island every day). Later this month we'll have some super cool stuff in the Poptropica store that you'll want to use those credits on!

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