Monday, November 14, 2016

Now in the store: Beach party and pet followers for everyone!

Poptropicans live all over the world, and while many of us are enjoying the end of fall, Poptropicans who live in the Southern Hemisphere are just beginning their summer season. So whether you are enjoying climbing temperatures or just wishing you were, Poptropica has got you covered with our November beach party!

Hop on over to Poptropica to see how the Home Island has been transformed into a tropical oasis, and find all sorts of fashionable beach wear in the Poptropica Store. Plus Poptropica members get an extra fun outfit and a spray tan power. Sweet!

But wait! There's more! Now there are pet followers for everyone! Choose from a cute orange tabby cat or an adorable Westie terrier. Awwww!

Think warm, Poptropicans, and enjoy your new outfits and pets!

PS: Don't have enough credits to get a pet follower? Be sure to spin the wheel on the Home Island each day to build up your credits, and play November's Islands of the Month to earn lots of credits, whether you've played them before or not!

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