Thursday, December 1, 2016

December's Islands of the Month are...

It's the holiday season and Poptropica's got two gifts for you!

Every month we have two Islands of the Month that give double the credits for finishing them. Well, December's IOTM are extra special because...
⛄️  Wimpy Wonderland, normally just for members, is open to EVERYONE! Diary of a Wimpy Kid fans, rejoice! First-time finishers earn 500 credits and repeat finishers earn 300 credits the first time they complete Wimpy Wonderland again.
 PoptropiCon is a three-episode Island and you'll get 500 credits for finishing EACH episode! That means 1st-time finishers can earn up to 1,500 credits and 1st-repeat finishers can earn up to 900 credits!
Not too familiar with these Islands? Check out their trailers!

If you need help completing PoptropiCon's episodes, you can watch Captain Crawfish's walkthroughs on Poptropica. 

And if you need help with Wimpy Wonderland, here's the Captain's brand-new walkthrough:

Get on over to Poptropica and play Wimpy Wonderland or PoptropiCon now!

Happy December!

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