Monday, July 10, 2017

How I Spent My Weekend

What’s up my fellow Poptropicans! I hope you all enjoyed the weekend. Almost all of my time was spent on designing a stylish and trendy look for my Home.

I decided my House needed a revamp with the latest and greatest from the Pop Worlds Home Store, but where to start? First, I added a touch of class with some cool chandeliers and trophies. But my own personal touch needed to incorporate my love of dogs to make it feel more homey. You can never have enough things related to dogs, in my opinion!

I even named them! Left to right, and top to bottom, are: Chewtros, Gilbert, Irony, Droolio, Sir Winston, and Mike.

I couldn’t let my House be the only thing I updated this weekend, so I hit up the Poptropica Worlds Store and mixed and matched several items to find the perfect outfit. I gave my Poptropican a crazy new look, channeling my inner Hipster Space-Pirate. There’s nothing better than a tailor-made outfit to top off a terrific weekend!

*Pitch-black sunglasses are the new eye-patches.

Pro-tip: Don’t forget to take your daily spin at Captain Scuttlebutt’s Wheel o’ Loot. That way you can snag more of your own clothing and decorations!

How do you make your Home unique to you? Head over to Poptropica Worlds to get started!

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