Friday, March 30, 2018

Outfit of the Week: Hippie Hitchiker!

Today's Outfit Of The Week is the Hippie Hitchhiker! Here's how you can dress up like this fun-loving Poptropican: 
  • The headphones and CD player can be customized from the boy standing just outside the common room on the main street of Lunar Colony Island.
  • The ripped tie-dye shirt and golden peace sign necklace can be obtained by customizing "Hippie Harry" on Reality TV Island.
  • The backpack can be found on the Sherpa in the Himalayan mountains on Cryptids Island.
Now get out there and dress for success! Got a great idea for an Outfit of the Week? Let us know and comment below! We just might feature it!


  1. I have an outfit idea, a popular girl:

    Hair: Travel to and enter Poseidon's Castle. Customize the hair, which is attached to the flowers, from Aphrodite.

    Bangs: Go to Zeus' realm in Mythology Island and go into Herc's Hero Hut, customizing the bangs from the lady in a green dress.

    Hair Color: Dye your hair either a rich brown or golden blonde color.

    Skin Tone: Dye your skin the typical peach color.

    Mouth: Use the Biker lips. Any other similar lipstick from the "New You" outfit randomizer will do nicely in a pinch.

    Top: The jacket is from "In The Now" on a mannequin.

    Bottom: The pants are customizable from when you start Poptropica. If you would like, create a new account and friend it, customizing from there. Or, go find a random Poptropican in certain islands or common rooms to find these pants. You can also use the "New You" Generator.

    Necklace: Go back to Mythology Island, and at Poseidon's Castle find and customize Aphrodite's necklace.

    Bag: The bag is customizable from isa11776 .

    Or, you can copy isa11776 's current outfit.

  2. Young Dr. Disrespect (since there's no moustaches availiable in-game) and/or Han Solo on Hoth! Do I have to explain in detail how to get the items or can I just send you pictures? Either way, I think it's pretty obvious how to get them but if not jsut reply and I'll do it!

  3. Are you going finally to make a Percy Jackson island?


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