Friday, June 15, 2018

Introducing Monthly Member Gifts!!!

Ahoy, Poptropicans!

Being a member of Poptropica has a lot of cool perks, but we decided to make it even better. Every month we'll be releasing an 🎉 EXCLUSIVE MEMBER GIFT PACK! 🎉

The items in each months gift pack will only be available that month, so don't wait! This June you'll receive a 🐶 CUTE PUPPY, 🦄 UNICORN HEAD, and ✨SHRINK POWER!!!

Already a member? You'll automatically get your gifts added to your store inventory as long as your membership is active.

Become a member and you'll automatically receive that months gift in your store inventory!

🏆 Wondering what else you get with a membership? 🏆 We're glad you asked!

Be the first to explore new islands!
Get access to all the Member Only items in the shop!
Get more closet space!
View your entire photo collection, and more!

We have more member perks on the way, so stay tuned!


  1. Wow, more things for members. Pretty soon, the whole website will be member's only. Nice.

    Can you taste my sarcasm?

  2. why not do something nice for non-members for a while?

  3. poptropica nostalgia intensifies

  4. You guys should bring Island of the Month back! It was fun playing islands that only members only can play!

  5. This is a cool game but sometimes, when I go on home island, my hair turns into this weird looking spiky hair and I get to lose my favorite hair! If this is a bug, you should fix it because It doesn't only happen to me.

  6. In my opintion Poptropica Creators. You should be focusing more of your time on Poptropica Worlds. Maybe add Member gifts to Poptropica Worlds. what's the point of adding them to the original. Poptropica Worlds is the future.

  7. Wow. We wait, like, for a month for a new update regarding Poptropica, but almost all of the Poptropica community can't even relate to it? If you're only going to post updates once a month, then at least make more of them available to all players. I understand that companies need money, and honestly, Poptropica members don't get that many special features, but it's getting annoying. I'm only saying this to give out ideas, I am not hating the game creators. After all, Poptropica is still a fun game that can take years to complete. But I'm getting bored here, and I think a lot of other Poptropica players are too. Thank you!

  8. what happened to realms? when will it be up again?


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