Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Making Friends in Poptropica

What's the best way to meet other Poptropicans? The Blastoff Arcade is a great place to start! The arcade is all the way on the right side of Home Island, just past the ladder that brings you up to Realms!

When you see a Poptropican you want to be friends with, just click on 'em! A menu will pop up, and you can select the option to add them as your friend. If you wanna add your irl friends too, you can make plans to meet each other in the arcade.

When they agree, you'll see this confirmation bubble pop up. Just click OK, then bam! You're friends!


  1. I think theres a glitch where people can friend you without you accepting. Because in the arcade, I get a sign that pops up and says, "Friend added". When no one asked to be friends. In result Im friends with random people. Also, could you add a way we can UNFRIEND people? :(

    1. ikr i have the same problem and you cant unfriend until they update again the feature will be added

  2. Can you please bring back all the old islands?

  3. Can you please switch retirements from the old islands to Shrink Ray Island.

  4. Sigh... poptropica is not how it used to be. There has not been a new island since forever and the pets do nothing helpful. I wish membership never existed. I feel like they are trying to prevent you from playing. I have been playing for 7 years+ and there is a huge difference. Pop worlds was a great idea until I tried it. Pop world almost makes you get membership. I am so surprised that this is kid safe citified because they try to make you spend real money. Im close to quitting because of your lack of updates and the pressure to spend money.

    P.S my not secure alert just came on... it says don't put any info because it might be stolen. Another reason why this should not be kid safe.

  5. How do you win Carrot island?

  6. sometimes i am in the arcade and someone trys to friend me and, sometimes i don't press accept but they still appear on my friends list. also,once they are in my friends list i can not delete them.
    i really just want to keep only the friends that i really know.

  7. How do you search people by username

  8. I'm trying to do that now with my sister. She's sitting right next to me, on another computer, but no matter how many times we try, we can't seem to manage to end up in the same server! >-<
    What cruel world is this, where you can no longer friend your own sister?!

  9. So i went to le arcade, one random friend with no message, one friend got a message but clicked the x and still made my friend, one I clicked on accident and bam, accidental friend. Searched for unfriend button for 10 minutes before realizing there wasn't one.


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