Monday, December 2, 2019

12 Days of Member Gifts??

You read that right, the first 12 days of December are each going to feature an exclusive member gift! We've only revealed 2 so far, the Snow Baby and the Ice Hair, and that's just the beginning. The coolest stuff is yet to come! If you haven't jumped into membership just yet, December is the perfect time to give it a shot!


  1. Are there going to be any new islands soon? can there be harry potter island theme or something like that, i miss playing actual island adventures.

  2. Is there a way to file feedback about island bugs? Mission Atlantis Episode 2 is broken when the "restart" button is pressed.

  3. Okay, but I have a question regarding Poptropica Original. What are you going to do with Poptropica after 2020, when Flash, the technology that Poptropica Original is made on, is completely disabled for web browsers?


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