Friday, January 10, 2020

Art Contest Alert!! Art Contest Alert!!

Calling all artists! All Poptropicans! All artistic Poptropicans!!! Do you like drawing? Do you like... FREE MEMBERSHIP? We're throwing a costume design contest open to all players! All you need to do is draw your dream Poptropica costume. It could be anything! A powerful mech suit! A cowboy pirate! A pink man-rabbit that plots world domination!

...Maybe not that last one.

The winning design will be created in the game and be made available in the Poptropica Store! It'll also be worn by a Poptropican on Home Island. The icing on the cake? You'll also get a totally free 6 month Membership! Here's how the prize brackets break down:
  • GRAND PRIZE (1 winner): Your design will be made available for purchase in the Poptropica Store, and you will receive 6 months of free Membership, and your design will be featured right here on the blog!
  • RUNNERS UP (3 winners): You will receive 1 month of free Membership, and your design will be featured on the blog.
  • HONORABLE MENTION (10 winners): Your design will be featured on the blog.
Some guidelines to keep in mind while creating your prize-winning masterpieces:
  • Traditional and digital entries are both fine, and both will be given equal footing in the judging stage.
  • When you post your creation, don't forget to post some details about what powers or special effects your costume could have!
  • Make sure your design can be reproduced as a costume ingame. This means that really small details or lots and lots of different colors might not work as well. Look at the visual style of outfits already in the game and go from there!
  • Your costume design must be 100% your own. It cannot be an assembly of costume pieces already in Poptropica, and it cannot heavily resemble any other copyrighted media.
  • Three entries maximum per artist.
  • Name your costume and include your Poptropican's name on your entry! Do not share any personal information, such as your last name or where you live.
How do you submit your entry? Just send an email to Be sure to attach an image of your creation. In the body of your entry email, make sure to include your first name, the title of your design, and if you want, a social media handle or username to shoutout if you are selected to be one of the winners! This is totally optional.

Lastly, make sure you or an adult read over the official contest rules here:

You have from now until January 21 at MIDNIGHT eastern time to get us your entries. The maximum number of design submissions is 3, so GO CRAZY, POPTROPICANS! We can't wait to see what you come up with!!


Let us know what you think...