Thursday, October 15, 2020

Free Membership Winners!

Wondering how to get a free Poptropica membership?

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This week 30 lucky Poptropicans earned a one-month free membership for completing the new Zomberry Special Event without having to restart any of the levels! 

Winners List

If you're listed on here you're Poptropica Membership has already been granted to your account (plus the 1,000 credit bonus that is given to all new members!). Not on the list? Don't worry, we'll have more opportunities to unlock a free membership in the future!

  1. manta***
  2. slickri***
  3. jtz***
  4. tigres***
  5. thegamergirl***
  6. mdeltoro1***
  7. pinkhairdoo***
  8. robertogam***
  9. pinkfluffyun***
  10. annie***
  11. 1313cookieh***
  12. ali***
  13. hamburgs***
  14. gearcrea***
  15. mengs***
  16. unicornange***
  17. xbx***
  18. galaxia***
  19. random***
  20. foreverdre***
  21. hi3***
  22. meande***
  23. shirls***
  24. mihamik***
  25. nobody0***
  26. netherb***
  27. thiccrick***
  28. cheetah***
  29. jays***
  30. qwertyui***
(The last 3 characters of usernames have been replaced with an * to protect user accounts)


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