Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Limited Time Zomberry Shop Bundle!

The Zomberry Special Event is now live in the Haxe version of Poptropica and you all are crushing it! Splatting it? Anyways, those blueberry-faced zombies never stood a chance against you. 

Once you win head over to the store to spend that thousand credit winnings on the new ZOMBERRY BUNDLE

The whole bundle comes with a Zomberry mask and shirt (perfect for you low-key Halloween types), the Zombify squirt gun, Anita's amazing hoverboard for getting around Poptropica lickety-split, and the sweetest zombie clown dog ever known to zombiekind. 

The bundle is only available through the end of October so get it while you can!


  1. I love the event! unfortunately it does not let me proceed onto the 3rd round

  2. I think it's safe to say that the Flash Version of Poptropica will not be receiving very many gameplay updates in the future.
    If you want to experience exploring the new updates, islands and games, it might be best to make a new account on the Haxe Version and store away the log in information of your old Flash account somewhere safe. That way you can return to your old account someday and still partake in the newest Poptropica updates with your new account.

  3. Wait so you CAN'T log into an old account in the new Haxe version??? I never even knew what this new version was until I googled it... Do we honestly have to make entirely new accounts just to get the updates? That's really throwing older players under the bus...

    1. It's ok! You can keep your old accounts while getting a new one. This way, you can still play the old way, but play the updates, too

  4. It let's you get the bundle for "free". You can get it without the 1000 but when you finish Zomberry Island you don't get the money. when i figured this out i was SO MAD! >:(


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