Wednesday, November 11, 2020

American Girl: Courtney's Island

It's a totally TUBULAR time in this 80s themed American Girl Island! Join Courtney, Kip, and other friends to play games, watch American Girl videos, and collect limited time prizes! 

In Smiley's Arcade, you can play Crystal Starshooter, the perfect 80s throwback game! You can also collect the Pac-Man Power that turns you into Pac-Man! 

Play the totally rad Bot Breaker game to get the high-score and don't forget to collect your adorable Care Bear follower on the top floor of the mall! Do you love Care Bears as much as Courtney?

Don't forget that you can customize your character in the American Girl store that has a salon for totally 80s hair-styles and at Valerie's you can collect a free outfit prize card!

At Tunes, you can get a free walkman (that's how kids listened to music on the go in the 80s! and at the Book Shelf you can collect a comic book that lets you speak in 80s lingo! 

Don't forget to pick up your Cootie Catcher! These are SO MUCH FUN to make and all you need is a sheet of paper!

What do you think of American Girl: Courtney's Island? Have you collected all the prizes? Did you beat the high score on Bot Breaker!? This island is only available for a limited time, so collect all the FREE PRIZES while you can!


  1. I already did with my past charcters but not with mine right now maybe later (i created new charcters to play islands again and tget more credits)

  2. Come on! Another American Girl Island??

  3. I miss Astro-Knights and Lunar Colony Island. If it's re-released, hopefully it'll still be challenging like the classic one was- that's what made it so much fun, even when replaying it. Heck, another space themed island would be fun!


  5. I can't play that it does not load

  6. It doesn't load. I really want the care bear follower.


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