Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Video of the Week! 🐺

Have you seen the new Wolfwalkers 🐺🏹special quest in Poptropica? If you play the game you'll unlock two cool prizes

Zany Ice made a great walkthrough of how to beat this tricky game! 

Have you ever made a Poptropica walkthrough video? If so, be sure to tag it with Poptropica for a chance to have your video shared here on the official blog!


  1. Excuse me, will you please bring back the costumizer?

  2. I did like the prizes, the difficulty of the challenge in my opinion was WAY too easy and there are ways you can fix it by adding short and quick puzzles and reducing the amount of time the player has by 30 seconds, but overall, I don't think it was that bad and the prices were pretty good...


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