Friday, January 8, 2021

Video of the Week! 📹

This week's video is all about giving your friends props for being awesome

Shade-e's 101 did a walkthrough of a friends clubhouse which is super cool! We love how supportive the Poptropica community is of one another - that's what a great community is all about! 

We'd love to see more videos of you sharing our favorite parts of Poptropica. Be sure to tag them with "Poptropica" for a chance to be featured here!


  1. i love this game bring back the other parts off poptropicacon and hi jeff i am waiting for diary of a awsome frindly kid scarey stores oooooo

  2. This is my best friend in poptropica! Do you know that is my clubhouse. I feel very prund to have this friends of mine! we also go to te same class!

  3. My avatar name is White fox. If you are my friend and you want to meet up I will be in my clubhouse at 2:50 TODAY look at the date on my comment. Go to the friends page and visit my clubhouse I will be there.

  4. can we do Poptropica Hall of Fame again? I was looking at early blog posts and noticed a couple poptropicans immortalized by a statue or character on an island or something. That would be really cool if we could do that again

    1. I'd also really like the Halloween home island decor back. That was really cool

  5. Hi guys im shade-e's101 thx for choosing my vid for video of the week


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