Monday, February 1, 2021

February Member Gifts! 💝

The February Member Gifts are now available for all members! 🎉

This month's gifts are all about loving-kindness (and heaps of hearts, of course!). There's the Love Rocket Scooter to zip throughout Poptropica on. There's a Lifted in Love heart power that will have you floating in hearts. And a super cute love bomb to spread hearts everywhere! 💖

If you become a member anytime during the month of February you'll get access to these exclusive gifts!


  1. give us more contest updates or i'll sue

    1. BE PATIENT!! I'm waiting for the contest updates, but that doesn't mean you can sue them!

  2. aw not a member but this is cool! I would LOVE the smoke bombs bc I really miss Arabian nights 2-3 and perhaps the smoke bombs would remind me of it. Maybe you could make it non-members later in the month? It is just a suggestion though because I don't want to make a big deal out of store items. What I want is island updates and islands converted!


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